Woman Who Sued Nicki Minaj And Her Husband Now Files Lawsuit Against Her Ex-Lawyer

Nicki Minaj and Kenneth Petty

The lawyer is alleged to have been talking to the celebrity couple while working on behalf of Jennifer Hough.

Rapper Nicki Minaj and her husband Kenneth Petty are the subjects of a new lawsuit filed against the lawyer of the woman who has kept them in and out of court for years.

According to Radar Online, Jennifer Hough, the woman that sued the celebrity couple for alleged harassment, is now suing her former lawyer, claiming he was talking to the opps while working on her case.

Jennifer Hough states in the complaint that she hired the lawyer to work with her principal lawyer, Tyron Blackburn, on the case against the Pettys.

In the case with the Pettys, she noted that Nicki’s husband had been convicted of a rape attempt against her when the two were teens in 1995. 

Kenneth Petty served four years in prison for the crime, but in 2020, he was back in the news after failing to register as a sex offender in Los Angeles.

Because Hough would not rescind her allegations for $500,000, she says the “Super Bass” rapper used her power, platform, and fanbase to harass her and her family.

AllHipHop.com reported that Hough claims Nicki Minaj was bullying her by making public statements concerning her partner being “wrongfully accused,” summoning her to LA to meet with her face to face, and making her life hell.

Jennifer Hough said she “suffered an onslaught of harassing calls and unsolicited visits” and eventually sued the couple for intentional infliction of emotional harassment and witness intimidation.

The new lawsuit alleges the ex-attorney had “unprofessional communications” with her and was upset because the harassment carried over to him and his office, as AllHipHop exclusively reported before Hough’s lawsuit.

His “incessant calls were even more problematic because [he] was aware of the vulnerable mental and emotional state [Hough] is in because of the actions of the Defendants in the case,” her complaint states.

She continued, “the sheer weakness [he] displayed caused [Hough] to forgo her healing process and assume the role of a mother figure or caretaker to pacify [him] and provide him with the self-confidence he desperately lacked.”

Hough also alleges in the lawsuit that the Pettys offered him things and spoke to him without her knowledge, and the ex-lawyer never clued her in. 

Mark Goidell has been hired to represent the lawyer being sued. He says, “The allegations of the complaint are completely without merit both factually and legally. We intend to move to dismiss and to impose sanctions.”