Wreckx-N-Effect Are Back, New Album & Tour

More Rump Shakin?

Wreckx-N-Effect, the popular rap act of the 90’s, is back and ready to take it to the Hip-Hop game again.

The duo of Markell Riley and Aqil Davidson had hit songs with “New Jack Swing” and “Rump Shaker,” the big booty anthem that still gets played. And now they are about to hit the studio and the road.

Aqil states, “To see such an endearing response from the people and to ignore it – shame on us. We have to give back to that energy.”

During the spring, Wreckx made a successful appearance on Tom Joyner’s Fantastic Voyage Cruise to a warm response. “Our bond goes way back,” said Aqil “A-Plus” Davidson.

An unnamed album is expected this summer.