Wu-Tang Affiliate Solomon Childs Recounts Violent Shooting; Suspect Busted For Attempted Murder


(AllHipHop News) Wu-Tang Clan affiliate/rapper Solomon Childs is thanking the heavens that he is still alive, after he was shot and wounded last month on Staten Island.

Solomon Childs was doing some Christmas shopping on Forest Avenue on December 10th, shopping for some new kicks, when he exchanged words with several other men inside of a sneaker store.

Things only got worse when Solomon left the store. Out of nowhere, gun shots rang out, striking Solomon twice – once in the neck, and once in the back.

There was speculation about the motive for the robbery, since a number of people had been robbed in the area by a serial criminal over the past several months.

“I didn’t know them, and I don’t think they knew me. This wasn’t gang related. I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time,” Solomon Childs told The Advance.

Solomon, whose godbrother is Cappadonna and cousin is Ghostface Killah, has already undergone two surgeries since the shooting.

One bullet went through his neck, and shattered his jaw (which is wired shut), while the second projectile is still lodged in his back.

“It’s tragic it had to happen to me like this. I never had this pain in my life. It hurts and it’s frustrating.” Still, Solomon Childs, born Ryan Dale, said he was thankful to be alive despite the excruciating pain.

“The Lord must have had angels by the thousands around me,” Solomon Childs said.

Meanwhile, one suspect is in custody for the shooting.

Police have charged 22-year-old Joendy Gomez with attempted murder and assault.