Wu-Tang Clan & Bill Murray Having The Right To Steal Secret Album Is A Hoax


(AllHipHop News) It is true the one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang Clan Once Upon A Time In Shaolin album spearheaded by RZA has been purchased. However, it is not true the legendary group or a certain celebrity has the legal right to steal the project from Turing Pharmaceuticals head Martin Shkreli.

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Many media outlets were dupped into running articles claiming there was a “Bill Murray Clause” in the contract which allowed the Groundhog Day actor or Wu members to take back Shaolin in a heist. Newsweek points out the original “source” for the story was a tweet from a Twitter user that goes by Rob Wesley (@eastwes), but the person in question did not provide a credible source for the information.

Rob Wesley's "Source" Material Used In Inaccurate News Articles
Rob Wesley’s “Source” Material Used In Inaccurate News Articles

That one tweet started a barrage of news coverage which presented the clause as fact. This is not the first time the Internet has tricked people into believing a fake story. Over the last several years artists such as DMX, Kanye West, Jay Z, and Bobby Shmurda have been the subject of bogus news items circulated around the web as the truth.

RZA seemed to find the humor in the entire ordeal. The music producer/film director posted a tweet last night that read, “We’re really getting the urge to call Bill Murray.”

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