Wyclef Takes On President Donald Trump’s Immigration Policies


(AllHipHop News) Wyclef Jean has sent a powerful message to immigrants in the wake President Donald Trump’s controversial travel ban.

The U.S. president is currently trying to get his travel ban approved, which stops citizens from six Muslim-majority countries entering America, though the Supreme Court is yet to make a decision on the contentious order, which has so far been blocked by appeals courts.

Musician Wyclef has now added his voice to the debate.

“When it comes to me and the travel ban, I always speak loud and clear in the sense of understanding personally, where I came from and understanding that this is these United States of America and it is the country of immigrants,” he told CNN.

Haiti-born Wyclef was a supporter of Trump’s rival Hillary Clinton during the 2016 American election.

He recently warned celebrities to be “very careful” when attacking Trump, urging them to be “as smart as (Jimmy) Kimmel”, after Kathy Griffin received death threats following pictures she posted online of herself holding a fake decapitated Trump head.

And talking to CNN he explained that it’s important to understand how media savvy the U.S. president is.

“Propaganda or the idea of fake news… that’s not conspiracy theory, that’s real, but at the end of the day they say that where there’s smoke there’s fire. There’s something and the curiosity is getting to what that something is,” he said before comparing Trump to Julius Caesar.

“When a Caesar understands how to play the area then he knows how to control everything. When he’s yelling execute, you’re not paying attention — you’re too busy laughing and roaring at the arena.”

Wyclef has poured all his political feelings into new album Carnival III: The Fall and the Rise of a Refugee, explaining the idea behind the record is having the opportunity to turn your life around in America.