XXXTentacion’s Mom Accused Of Creating Shell Companies To Hide Money From His Brother

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XXXTentacion’s brother says the late rapper’s mom is playing games with his share of a $50-million-dollar estate.

The legal war between XXXTentacion’s family over the late rap star’s fortune has taken a nasty turn.

According to reports, XXXTentacion’s half-brother brother Corey Pack claims he’s been jerked out of his portion of the estate, which is worth over $50 million.

In June of 2020, XXXTentacion’s brother filed an $11 million lawsuit claiming he was listed as one of the three beneficiaries of the estate of the late rapper.

In court documents filed in Broward County earlier this week, Pack claims XXXTentacion’s mom Cleopatra Bernard cheated him out of his shares, by creating multiple shell companies to hide money the estate has earned.

The lawsuit claims Pack and his brother Aiden Kerr were both due to get a 25% stake in the estate, while XXX’s mom held the other 50%.

The lawsuit claims shortly after XXXTentacion was murdered in June of 2018, his mom allegedly cut Pack out of his portion of the estate.

Pack said his mom made a deal with Jenesis Sanchez and gave away his 25% after she gave birth to the rapper’s unborn son seven months after he was killed.

Pack’s attorney Robert Stok blasted XXXTentacion’s mom in a statement. Stok said the complaint seeks to “recover assets being transferred,” in order “to deprive Pack of his inheritance rights.”