Xzibit Blasts TMZ For “Misleading” Story Over His Napalm Cannabis, Stands With Asian-American Community


The rap star has finally addressed some backlash over the offensive name of his marijuana business.

Rapper Xzibit is under pressure to rename his Napalm Cannabis brand after facing backlash for the chemical agent’s links to the Vietnam War.

The rapper unveiled the new business venture last year, but its name has only now come under scrutiny on social media due to the continued rise in anti-Asian hate crimes.

Many critics claim the use of the word Napalm conjures up images of innocent citizens killed and maimed by the bombs.

The uproar has even prompted owners at Los Angeles dispensary Higher Path to remove the products, including a pre-rolled joint known as The Grenade, from its store.

Xzibit has addressed the controversy, insisting the firm is simply named after his 2012 album.

In a video message, the rapper explained the branding is “by no means affiliated or a nod to the devastation that it’s had in its past” and voices his support for Asian-Americans while outlining his plans to use his platform to give back to the community.

The rapper then blasted TMZ for running a one-sided story.

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“As I look at this thing it breaks my heart to be dealing with these small groups of people attempting to paint me with a broad brush. I can’t help to think back and remember I did a show called ‘pimp my ride’ and historically ‘pimps’ aren’t know for being nice people, with that in mind the show went on to be synonymous with car restoration and wish fulfillment,” Xzibit said.

“Claiming the word ‘Napalm’ is racist is a reach that is in sharp contrast to my integrity, my character and my track record of being a positive part of society, even with my creative choices as a hip hop artist. I’ve been getting calls all morning and the tmz story is misleading at best. To be clear 1 dispensary took our products off of their ‘digital shelf’ which means they probably still have it on the dispensary shelf. Either way this one sided b####### is not who I am or who I ever will be. Thank you to all of my cannibis operators and community that have reached out and showed support. I stand for peace love and unity. Now let’s get back to it,” Xzibit said.