Xzibit Praises President Biden’s Weed Pardons But Says More Needs To Be Done 

Xzibit says the new ruling is “positive,” but is only “a step in the right direction,” for federal and state prisoners on Cannabis charges.

Xzibit applauded President Biden’s recent pardons for weed possession inmates, calling the move “a step in the right direction.” 

The Cannabis entrepreneur spoke to TMZ about President Biden’s planned reforms, particularly freeing all those incarcerated on federal weed possession charges. He called out the hypocrisy of having prisoners behind bars for cannabis offenses while corporations amass huge profits in the legal cannabis industry.  

“You know this is something that’s crazy because we see the industry that’s being built now where people are building billion-dollar businesses, and there’s still people sitting in jail for doing the exact same thing,” Xzibit explained. “I think that this was a great announcement, shout out the DOJ to say they’re going to be expeditiously releasing these people and really showing some support for the president’s announcement. So actions being put behind the words means a lot.”

Xzibit said while it’s “positive” that the new ruling covers about 6,000 inmates, more needs to be done.  

“Even though this is a step in the right direction, it’s still not the majority or the mass exodus that needs to happen, the mass clemency for the people that need to be released from federal and state prison,” Xzibit said. Check out the interview below.

Xzibit Announces His Final Album ‘Kingmaker’

Elsewhere during the conversation, Xzibit announced he’s working on what he believes will be his final album.  

“I have an album called Kingmaker that I’m putting the finishing touches on now,” Xzibit revealed. “I’ve been working on it for a minute. I feel like this is gonna be my last album. Not that I’m gonna retire or make any weird statements like that.” 

He confirmed the project, his first since 2012’s Napalm, will arrive early next year, and he will still be touring.  

“I will never lose love for Hip Hop,” Xzibit said, but added, “time is the most important thing that we have.”

“I’ve given a lot of time to the planet as Xzibit and my priorities are changing on the daily. So I will always be there for my fanbase and they’ve always been there for me, but I wanna be present for the people that I love.”