Xzibit To Shake Up “Empire” Storyline In Season 3


(AllHipHop News) Fans of Fox’s Hip-Hop dramatic series “Empire” should expect to see a lot more of rapper Xzibit in Season 3.

The rapper made his debut in Season 2’s finale as Shyne Johnson, a former prison associate turned adversary of Lucious Lyon.

Sources told TVLine.com that Xzibit will be returning for Season 3 with a recurring role on the hit TV series.

Xzibit’s character Shyne is supposed to emerge as central character in the “Empire” Season 3 storyline, showrunner Ilene Chaiken told Variety.

In May, Chaiken suggested that a character, now confirmed to be Xzibit in the role of “Shyne,” will be causing major problems for Lucious and the Lyon family.

“In the finale, we set the table for a challenge to Empire and the Lyon family that’s going to serve as the framework for the whole of Season 3, with a “Godfather” style opus of crime and hip hop that has Lucious as the beleaguered kingpin battling back this federal investigation led by a man with a personal grievance, and thug rappers who helped him to build his Empire and are now coming back for their pound of flesh,” Ilene Chaiken told Variety.

Season 3 of “Empire” is slated to air on Wednesday, September 21.