Xzibit’s Ex Claims He Hasn’t Seen Their Son In Months; Seeks More Child Support

Xzibit and Krista Joiner

Xzibit and Krista Joiner have been involved in a contentious battle over money since the latter filed for divorce.

Xzibit’s ex Krista Joiner accused him of ignoring their son as she seeks an increase in child support payments.

According to Radar Online, Joiner said it’s been several months since her son Gatlyn saw his father. She claimed Xzibit spurned their child during the holiday season.

“I believe the last time he actually saw Gatlyn was around [Xzibit’s] own birthday in September 2022,” Joiner wrote in a court document. “Gatlyn called [Xzibit] on Christmas and [the rapper] refused to answer or call him back. Our son is devastated. “

Joiner requested more financial support from Xzibit. A judge previously ordered him to pay $6,000 per month. Joiner is now asking for $14,000 per month.

Xzibit’s ex noted the $6,000 was based on him making $25,000 per month. Joiner believed she deserved more money after the former Pimp My Ride host’s tax returns revealed he earned $45,000 per month.

Joiner also accused Xzibit of failing to pay the full amount of their son’s tuition. She criticized him for not paying while he allegedly flaunted his rich lifestyle.

Last year, Xzibit asked a judge to make Joiner undergo a vocational evaluation with a court-appointed official. He wanted her to get a job, but she argued he agreed to provide her with lifelong support.

Joiner filed for divorce in 2021.