Ye Sued For Force-Feeding Students Sushi And Allowing Unchecked Bullying At Donda Academy

Kanye West - Ye

Ye is staring at another lawsuit. He’s accused of making students sushi daily and other weird practices at the Donda Academy. Read more!

Ye, formerly known as Kanye West, the founder of Donda Academy, is reportedly force-feeding students sushi daily, racking up a staggering $10,000 monthly bill, according to a lawsuit obtained by TMZ. 

The school is being sued by two former Black female teachers who allege wrongful termination and retaliation after raising concerns about education, health, safety code violations, and racial discrimination.

The lawsuit details bizarre rules and practices at the academy, such as students eating sushi on the floor without tables or chairs, a ban on crossword puzzles and coloring sheets, and Ye’s refusal to let students use forks or utensils, or the second floor of the building because he’s supposedly scared of stairs.

Furthermore, the school allegedly lacked a janitor, a school nurse, and proper disciplinary procedures, resulting in unchecked bullying and physical assaults.

When the teachers attempted to raise these issues, they were threatened and ultimately fired. 

They are now suing Ye and Donda Academy for compensation. Kanye’s representatives have not yet responded to the allegations.