Yella Beezy’s Female Fans Go Crazy After His Manhood Leaks All Over The Internet In Nude Video

Yella Beezy

Someone leaked a video from inside of Yella Beezy’s house, showing him naked, and packing a gun. 

Dallas, Texas rapper Markies Deandre Conway, who also goes by the name Yella Beezy, is trending “bigly” on the Internet after pictures of his whole “manhood” were leaked to the public. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem like a side-chick gone wild or a DM gift shared with the wrong hot thang, but the image was pulled from a surveillance camera from the “Goin Through Some Thangs” artist’s home. 

It was someone in the crib or in (was in) his circle! 

Dropped on Twitter by an anonymous source, the clip shows him roaming across his kitchen with his hands pulled down to his knees. His black turtleneck and his black pants are separated by a clear viewing from the top of his waist to the bottom on his thighs, showing the …uhm … swinging motion of his manhood. 

At the start of the video, he picks up some garments (maybe a bag) and a firearm. 

The recording device is positioned from an aerial position, possibly at the room’s entrance, and captures a glimpse of the man’s semi-nakedness. 

Just violating.

The 29-year-old can’t seem to get a break. But he holding his head. On Instagram he stated his position, “Either fwm the long way or don’t fwm at all…it’s simple‼️”

Almost a month ago, it was reported by The Dallas Morning News that he was friends with the guy Kewon Dontrell White, 22, who was arrested in connection to the death of Mo3, another rapper. 

Fans spied flicks of him with White in some older pictures. The relationship between Yella Beezy and Mo3 has been complicated and some suspect antagonistic in nature. 

Both Texas rappers have been closely tied to street relations. In 2018, Beezy was shot at 12 times and hit 3 times. In November, Mo3 was shot and killed.