YFN Lucci Trial Postponed Again Due To Young Thug’s RICO Case

YFN Lucci and Young Thug

Both rappers’ respective trials were expected to take place on the same day, Monday (January 9)—but not anymore.

YFN Lucci and Young Thug’s respective trials were expected to take place on Monday (January 9). But according to Atlanta reporter George Chidi, who says he spoke to Lucci’s attorney, the rapper’s trial has been postponed in case he’s needed as a witness for the Young Thug trial.

As Chidi explained in a tweet on Wednesday (January 4): YFN Lucci’s trial was due to begin January 9, same as Young Thug’s. The YFN gang and RICO case is just as wide-ranging as the YSL case. The two are connected; Lucci is a witness. But Lucci’s trial date has been postponed, his attorney said Tuesday. No new court date has been set.”

YFN Lucci was named as a potential witness along with several other notable rap figures, including Lil Wayne, Future and Trippie Redd. But as Chidi pointed out: “For clarification: Lucci is on the state’s witness list. That doesn’t mean he’s going to testify, but he could still be called. Don’t @ me with questions about snitching. I don’t care.”

YFN Lucci was stabbed by a fellow inmate while in March 2021. Prosecutors allege two YSL associates were behind the attack. They claim they had to get Young Thug’s permission to make a second attempt on YFN Lucci’s life.

A judge had initially scheduled YFN Lucci’s court date for last May, but it’s been pushed back numerous times. YFN Lucci remains behind bars at Fulton County Jail in Atlanta. Meanwhile, Young Thug’s trial is expected to take place as scheduled. He’ll be tried alongside 14 co-defendants who were named in the original RICO indictment.