YG Aiming To Consolidate West Coast Hip-Hop With Epic 4HUNNID Deal

YG and Epic Records are making power moves to hellp the growth of West Coast hip-hop.

(AllHipHop News) West Coast rapper YG just launched a brand new joint venture with Epic Records to distribute his record label, 4HUNNID.

Under the new deal, Epic Records will release, distribute, and market all of the new music by 4HUNNID with the goal of transforming the label into the new epic-center of West Coast rap.

“Me and my team have been doing innovative, legendary stuff for years—helping keep the West Coast alive. Now, Epic comes through at the best possible time with a platform for our expansion,” YG said. “I’m proud of this opportunity and will make the most of it.”

The first artist under the deal to be marketed will be female Compton hip-hop artist Day Sulan who was featured on the track “Her Story,” from YG’s 2019 record 4Real 4Real.

“We at Epic are delighted by this joint venture with YG and his forward-thinking 4HUNNID brand,” said Epic Records CEO Sylvia Rhone, who greenlighted the deal.

“YG perfectly represents the new face of hip-hop music: versatile, creative, multifaceted, and steeped in history but versed in current trends. This marks an exciting addition to our roster and offerings,” Sylvia Rhone continued.