YG Believed “Tupac Lives” Conspiracy Theories Until He Saw Afeni Shakur Mourn Her Son 

YG Tupac Shakur

YG refused to believe Tupac Shakur was dead, holding on to the conspiracy until he saw Afeni Shakur overcome with grief for her son.

YG has revealed that he believed Tupac Shakur had faked his own death and was hiding out in a secret location and was only convinced of his passing when he saw the late rapper’s mother break down over her son’s murder.  

Outrageous conspiracy theories have flooded the internet since Tupac was fatally gunned down in 1996. Fans believe they spotted the West Coast icon in various locations across the globe, from Scotland to Cuba. 

In a recent interview, YG admitted he believed the “Tupac Lives” conspiracies for almost twenty years. He told the This Past Weekend podcast that it was a meeting with ‘Pac’s mother, Afeni Shakur, at L.A’s GRAMMY Museum in 2015 that finally changed his mind. He was there to participate in a panel discussing the “All Eyes On Me” hitmaker’s legacy.  

“They wanted me to come speak on behalf of the new generation, like 2Pac’s impact on us,” YG began. “I said some s### and his mama came up to me and was like crying and s###. She was like, ‘I love what you said about my son.’” 

During their chat, Afeni became emotional and overcome with grief. “They really killed my baby!’” he recalled her saying.  

At that moment, YG says the penny finally dropped, and he realized his long-held conspiracy theory was not true.  

“That s### f##### me up ’cause I thought ‘Pac was alive,” the Compton native continued. “My whole life, bro, I thought ‘Pac was alive. But that day, I’m like, ‘Nah, bro, he gone.’ His mama was crying in my face. ‘Nah, he gone!’” 

Meanwhile, detectives investigating the murder of Tupac Shakur recently uncovered potential evidence in the long-dormant case.  

Attorneys believe it is still possible to file charges against possible suspects 30 years after his death.