YG Discusses People In Los Angeles Being Jealous Of His Success


(AllHipHop News) YG is one of the new school of rappers that is elevating West Coast Hip Hop back to the forefront. The Compton native’s My Krazy Life album was critically acclaimed, and he is now set to release the follow-up LP, Still Krazy, in the coming months.

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In preparation for the upcoming project, YG was the subject of a cover story for The Fader. In the article, the Def Jam recording artist talked about the response he has received in his own hometown since finding success in the music business.

“It’s a gang of motherf*ckers out here on some ‘F*ck YG’ sh*t,” said the “Twist My Fingaz” performer.

Back in June, YG was shot in a Los Angeles studio, but he refused to cooperate with police. The 25-year-old entertainer has since increased his security. YG insists some people in his city are not happy with what he has accomplished.

“Los Angeles County is sick right now. It’s bad. Everybody mad out here right now. All the young motherf*ckers, they getting money, they motivated,” YG stated. “The music sh*t start popping again out here. We got strip clubs now. It’s a lot of motherf*ckers doing music now. It’s a lot of females becoming models and sh*t now. We got something to do with that. But at the same time, it’s a lot of motherf*ckers that’s mad.”

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