YG Talks Addressing Politics & Police Brutality On ‘Still Brazy’ Album


(AllHipHop News) YG’s sophomore studio album Still Brazy arrives today (June 17).

The 17-track LP sees the Compton rapper delving into his thoughts on politics with “FDT” and police brutality with “Police Get Away Wit Murder.”

Billboard caught up with the Def Jam recording artist to discuss his latest project. The conversation included YG talking about his decision to tackle social issues on Still Brazy.

YG said:

It was just me knowing what’s going on in the culture and me being a human and really feeling some type of way. Being in the rap game and the rap community, that’s where it started at. Motherf-ckers rapping about what was going in the communities and culture. I feel like, “Damn, ain’t nobody doing nothing, saying nothing big about none of this sh-t.” The friggin’ rap game is watered down so I decided to speak up on the album. Me and Nipsey is the same on “F-ck Donald Trump.” I been had “Police Get Away wit Murder” since last March. I could gave been put it out to capitalize [on the moment] but it was really like me feeling some type of way about what’s going on. I did the record, was like I’mma put it on my album and then sh-t kept happening. I’m like damn this sh-t really crazy.

The deaths of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri and Eric Garner in Staten Island, New York sparked the creation of “Police Get Away Wit Murder.”

The incidents caused YG to research other police killings around the country.

The Compton representative also took issue with the media’s coverage of African-Americans. YG added:

The sh-t ain’t right like the world’s corrupted. This sh-t really f##### up. When [the news show a] segment of blacks doing some s-it, they make us look bad. But everybody else is doing incredibly f-cked up sh-t all day long for no reason. Like most of this sh-t happens where we’re from and it’s survival, most of the time. All this other sh-t makes no sense. It’s just happening because motherf-ckers can do it, they getting away with it or they on some racist sh-t. F-ck that sh-t right there. Growing up, they hide this sh-t from you and when you really pay attention and see this sh-t happening, it’s like damn, this sh-t is wild.

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