YK Osiris Declares Usher “King Of RnB” While Dancing The Night Away At Las Vegas Residency

usher and YK Osiris

YK Osiris had the time of his life last night after pulling up to Usher’s Las Vegas residency and he certainly left an impression on the rapper/singer!

YK Osiris had the time of his life last night after pulling up to Usher’s Las Vegas residency. Usher who is performing at The Colosseum certainly left an impression on the rapper/singer!  

The Worth It singer posted a video on Instagram last night along with some glowing praise for Usher. He wrote, “Man usher had me all in my feelings that man really the king @usher”  


In the video, YK is enthusiastically dancing along to Usher’s Let it Burn. Though his companions were all seated YK took to his feet, arms in the air singing along to the hit song.   

YK Osiris continued, “I don’t know who Df I thought I was lol fr I really had a great time, y’all don’t really understand how this made me feel fr, I got work to do️ this man really is RNB FR” 

Going further in his Instagram stories, he uploaded a video of himself still buzzing from the performance. He declares “Man that man is The King of RnB, stop playing with him!” He follows up with “We talking about RnB? Usher is the RnB. Y’all better go look at that’s man’s show. If y’all watched what I watched we wouldn’t be having this conversation.” 

Usher’s residency was making news before the show even started! Stories of payment of the show’s dancers in Usher Bucks caused a few ripples. Headlines spoke of scams, fakes, and Las Vegas gangsters. Whatever currency is being used the dancers are worth their weight in gold and almost stole the show in viral videos circulating this weekend!

Usher’s Las Vegas residency at The Colosseum, Ceasar’s Place features the star performing his greatest hits from his 20-year career. Dates on sale through Jan 1, 2022.