YK Osiris Defends His Own Catalog After Complaining About “Trash” Music

YK Osiris

The “Worth It” singer says he has something for his critics.

Florida-raised recording artist YK Osiris often makes news headlines for non-music-related topics. However, the 24-year-old singer is claiming to have some high-quality tunes on the way.

YK Osiris generated a lot of online conversations over the last few days. His Instagram Story posts criticizing his contemporaries went viral over the weekend.

“I’m tired of this trash ass music lol. 😂 It’s scary out here lol. Anything [is] a hit lol,” wrote Osiris on IG. He added, “And y’all allow it to happen lol. 😂 [Man] y’all sick, lol, real music my ass lol.”

Some social media users apparently called out YK Osiris for this critical take. The Def Jam signee returned to the internet to defend his own catalog against complaints that his songs are average at best.

“Y’all can say what you wanna say about Osiris and all that funny s###. Whatever y’all wanna say. One thing y’all cannot say is that Osiris’s music is trash,” stated The Golden Child album creator.

He continued, “I guarantee you, ask your mama, ask your little sister. Osiris is not trash at music, n####. I’m gonna show y’all all n#####, all that trash, doo-doo ass music you’ve been dropping, that s### dookie as f###.”

YK Osiris scored a Billboard Hot 100 hit with “Worth It” which dropped in 2019. The Golden Child single also earned a 3x-Platinum plaque from the RIAA. 2018’s “Valentine” reached Platinum status as well.

“Now I’m mad. So watch this, I got something for their ass,” said Osiris during his Instagram Live rant. He released “Be My Girl” in July 2022. His King of R&B EP arrived a year earlier.