YNW Melly Double Murder Trial: Victims Family “Disgusted” By Rapper’s Grin

YNW Melly

According to a tweet from Law & Crime, the victims’ families are having a hard time seeing the rapper in the courtroom.

YNW Melly’s double murder continued in a Florida courtroom on Tuesday (June 13). A jury is tasked with deciding if YNW Melly is guilty of killing his two friends, YNW Sakchaser and YNW Juvy, in October 2018. If convicted, the rapper faces the death penalty. The Law & Crime Network has been keeping close tabs on the trial, which began on Monday (June 12).

According to a tweet from Law & Crime reporter Bryson Paul, the victims’ families are having a hard time seeing YNW Melly in the courtroom. They were reportedly “disgusted” by Melly’s ongoing grin, which he flashed multiple times during court proceedings.

In an audio clip describing the scene, Juvy’s mother stood up and stared at YNW Melly until he looked at her. The contentious energy in the room continued throughout day two of the trial.

There were some emotional moments as well. At one point, a video tape of the Jeep Compass both victims were supposedly killed in began to play. It proved to be too overwhelming for YNW Sakchaser’s mother.

“Prosecution has prepared Juvy and Sakchaser’s mothers for what is about to be shown,” another tweet reads. “Sakchaser’s mother can’t fight back the tears and leaves the courtroom. Juvy’s mother is tearful but refuses to leave.”

Both victims’ families remained disheartened by YNW Melly’s behavior. As day two came to a close, YNW Sakchaser’s mother could be heard saying to YNW Juvy’s mother, “They fake, they all fake” as she looked at YNW Melly and his family sitting in the front row.

YNW Melly was reportedly “all smiles and in great spirits” as he left the courtroom. But Sakchaser and Juvy’s families admitted they can’t stand him making his “dumb ass faces.” The trial is expected to last several weeks.