YNW Melly To Face Death Penalty In Murder Trial Of His Friends, YNW Sakchaser And YNW Juvy

YNW Melly

A new law put in place by the Florida governor has greatly changed the outcome of this case.

Rapper YNW Melly, whose real name is Jamell Maurice Demons, will now face the death penalty for allegedly killing his friends Anthony “YNW Sakchaser” Williams, 21, and Christopher “YNW Juvy” Thomas, 19.

As reported by AllHipHop.com, Melly has been charged for two counts of first-degree murder. The rapper’s friend, Cortlen Henry, now-24, is also being charged with two counts of first-degree murder for the two men’s killings.

Both Melly and Henry were 19 at the time of the shootings.

The court was conducting jury selection started on April 11 but was temporarily stop it for an undisclosed reason.

The selection of jurors that will serve on this case resumed on Monday, June 5.

According to Law and Crime, a big legal decision has been made regarding the Florida recording artist, famous for songs about killing people. The power that the jury will have over his sentencing.

As the jury is being selected, the judge has ruled in favor of the state that should the 12 jurors come back with an 8-4 or higher decision on Melly’s case and sentencing him to death, he would allow it.

The death penalty is new in Florida. Ron DeSantis signed it into law on April 20 this year.

The new law allowing it was created after Nikolas Cruz, the Parkland school shooter was spared the death penalty because the jury was split.

His lawyers tried to fight against it saying, “Applying the new law on a retroactive basis would be changing the rules after the game has begun, thereby violating (Demons’) right to procedural due process.”

That was in vain.

The trial is expected to start on Wednesday, June 7.