YNW Melly Trial: Judge Forces Undercover Detective To Remove Mask While Testifying

YNW Melly

A judge stopped an undercover detective from wearing a mask during his second day of testimony in the YNW Melly murder trial.

A judge made an undercover detective remove a ski mask to proceed with testimony in the YNW Melly murder trial on Monday (June 26).

According to Law & Crime, YNW Melly’s legal team reiterated objections to expert witness Danny Polo wearing a mask when the detective returned to the stand on Monday. Judge John Murphy allowed Polo to wear the mask while testifying on Thursday (June 22).

Polo claimed he wore the mask because he works undercover and needed to protect his family’s identity. Judge Murphy previously dismissed the defense’s objections to the mask but reconsidered his ruling after YNW Melly’s lawyers presented new information.

Defense attorneys found the CashApp profile of Polo’s wife and showed it to the detective on Monday. Polo admitted the profile featured a picture of his family, bolstering the defense’s arguments against the mask. Judge Murphy sided with the defense and forced Polo to unmask to continue testifying.

YNW Melly’s trial began on June 12. Prosecutors accused him of killing his friends YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser in 2018. The rapper pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder charges.

Last week, Judge Murphy denied the defense’s motion for a mistrial. YNW Melly faces the death penalty if convicted.