Young Buck In More Financial Trouble For Hiding Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars

50 Cent and Young Buck

The trustee overseeing Young Buck’s bankruptcy case claims the rapper hid hundreds of thousands in earnings he never reported!

Young Buck’s battle with his bankruptcy estate continues over claims the rap star hid hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Young Buck, born David Darnell Brown, filed for bankruptcy in January of 2020 after spending the last half of 2019 in jail for being a fugitive from justice.

The rapper’s debts started piling up after running into financial issues with the IRS. He also owes child support to his kids, and supposedly, $250,000 to his former friend turned foe, 50 Cent.

Things were going smooth until July of 2021, when Young Buck was accused of withholding his royalty statements from ASCAP and attempting to hide $35,000 paid out to his publishing company Mouth Full Of Ice.

Young Buck eventually settled with the bankruptcy trustee over the $35,000.

However, 50 Cent is attempting to terminate the settlement because the money allegedly belongs to G-Unit since Young Buck never fulfilled his contractual obligation to deliver two albums to the label.

And now Young Buck has more financial issues to deal with as his bankruptcy winds through court.

Young Buck received over $108,000 from Sound Exchange which he never reported to the bankruptcy estate’s trustee, Erica Johnson.

It gets worse.

According to Johnson, Young Buck also received over $32,000 from independent distributor Select-O-Hits. After he filed for bankruptcy, he also pulled down over $47,000 in royalties from Universal Music Publishing.

Johnson maintains that all of this money belongs to the bankruptcy estate so the rapper can pay off his debts.

The bankruptcy estate is requesting a judge make Young Buck turn over all ongoing distributions and an order declaring the rap star’s catalog belongs to the bankruptcy estate free and clear of “any and all exemptions and/or interest of the debtor.”

Johnson is also seeking a judgment against Young Buck in the amount of the distributions the rapper has received and hidden.