Young Buck Reveals Entire Beef With 50 Cent Was Fake

50 Cent and G-Unit

Young Buck claims he and 50 Cent conspired to make up their ongoing beef.

After years of online beefing, Young Buck says that he and 50 Cent were pretending not to like each other so that fans could “love” the former G-Unit rapper again.

On his Instagram Live, “Stay Fly” emcee detailed the scheme set into play by the master of all trolls, 50 Cent — revealing that the two even shot a video that will drop soon.

“Y’all got played this time. We sit down in master-planned this sht out,” he shared. “50 was like I am fin to say all kind of sht about you. I’m gonna make him f**king hate you and then you gonna make him love you again.”

At first, he said they didn’t know what he meant, but then after being by the Power producer, he agreed. He marveled and said, “I just followed the new plan, and then all of a sudden … I guess [50] was right ’cause they love me again.”

“And I did it I made him love me again.”

This admission comes weeks after Young Buck dropped a new single and video called “Ash Tray.” In this song, he speaks on his “beef” with the G-Unit general, 50 Cent, touches on Dr. Dre and his desire to have had Lloyd Banks.

“Why try to sign me and sabotage me? Break me and Travelodge me? See me and try to dodge me?” he raps.

“Thought you were my brother, told you to guide me. Put this knife inside a stomach, told you to hide me,” continues to spit. “Ay Dre, you don’t owe me nothing, I do this proudly!”

“Tried to silence me and imbalance me, scared to battle me, wouldn’t challenge me. Tried to frame me and then blame me.”

“I’m front gassing on you, I’m flashing on you, Dumping ashes on you.”

We are waiting to hear what 50 says … he is sure to set everything straight.