Young Buck Accused Of Hiding Huge Royalty Check In Bankruptcy Filing

50 Cent and Young Buck

Rapper Young Buck is being accused of railroading his own bankruptcy filing, over a huge royalty payment he’s accused of hiding!

Former G-Unit rapper Young Buck is currently being sued by the trustee presiding over his bankruptcy filing.

They are now accusing him of purposely withholding his royalty statements to defraud the system.

According to Radar Online, the trustees have been asking him to turn over his ASCAP checks so that they can determine if he really is broke.

AllHipHop broke the news that the rapper, whose real name is David Darnell Brown, filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy back in the beginning of 2020.

He told a Tennessee Court that he made only $4,450 a month and has to dish out $1,490 to various businesses for their bills.

During the filing, it was revealed that the “I Know You Want Me” artist, who used to floss with 50 Cent back in the early 2000s, has assets totalling $5,761 that includes furniture for his home valued at close to $360, and $200 worth of clothes and jewelry.

His total liabilities are $48,316.20, with his greatest debt being his back child support where he owes $45,766.20.

Interesting enough, despite being kicked out by 50’s crew, he listed in his court filing that the “Power” showrunner was one of his possible creditors.

However, now, a judge has designated a trustee to oversee the Tennessee native’s finances and help him pay back all of the creditors he owes.

To do this, they need him to be cooperative and share his royalties. The trustee has learned that Buck has received a big check for about $35,000.

But … he hasn’t reported that.

He could be in real trouble.