Young Dolph Dropping “Bulletproof” LP Even Though Shooters Are On The Loose


(AllHipHop News) Memphis rapper Young Dolph is planning on chronicling a wild shootout that could have easily killed him, earlier this month in Charlotte North Carolina.

Young Dolph is about to release an album called Bulletproof, to address the shooting and whoever was responsible for the brazen shootout.

Reps for Young Dolph confirmed he was involved in the shooting which took place on February 25.

That is when unknown gunmen crashed head-on into Dolph’s SUV, hopped out and sprayed the vehicle with over 100 rounds from high-powered rifles.

“Knowledge is power, however, and the unidentified gunman clearly didn’t know Dolph spent over $600,000 on bulletproof armor for his trucks,” a rep for the rapper revealed.

“I would just say it was more than… there was some high-powered – at least one we believe was used and an assortment of others,” confirmed Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Deputy Chief Jeff Estes.

In the weeks leading up to the shootout, Young Dolph and Yo Gotti had been trading diss records towards each other, leading to speculation that their feud may have escalated into gunplay during CIAA, since they were both in town for the weekend.

Last week, police said they were on the verge of making an arrest in the shooting, which they confirmed was connected to parties “in the entertainment industry.”

Young Dolph’s upcoming 10-track release features a string of song titles that make up one sentence, clearly directed at his enemies.

Bulletproof is due for release on April Fools’ Day

Check out the track listing below:

100 shots
in Charlotte
but im bulletproof
so f## ’em
thats how i feel (feat. Gucci Mane)
im so real
i pray for my enemies
im everything you wanna be
so thats why you envy me