Young Dolph Killed By Two Suspects Driving A Mercedes-Benz

Young Dolph

The police are on the hunt for at least two suspects, who drove a Mercedes-Benz to kill Young Dolph in a deadly shooting.

The men who killed Young Dolph may be caught sooner than people think. Thanks to operational surveillance cameras around the area, authorities are looking to identify the gunmen.

According to Fox 13, the local news affiliate, stills show the two men who shot the rap star after he purchased some snacks from Makeda’s Butter Cookies.

Young Dolph Suspects

While the officers have not fully identified the murderers, the shop owner, Maurice Hill, shared that his employees were eyewitnesses.

Dolph, whose real name is Adolph Robert Thornton Jr., was no stranger to Makeda’s. Just a week prior, the rapper promoted the bakery on his social media.

The photos released by police shows one of the suspects had a firearm that resembled a semi-automatic rifle. The other person had a handgun in his possession and aimed it toward the shop.

Videos and images from the crime scene showed a window shattered from the impact of bullets.

Footage also showed Young Dolph’s camouflage customized Corvette was parked in the parking lot for hours after his tragic demise.

No one other than the “Drip Like Dis” rapper was injured or killed.

Law enforcement released a statement saying, “Our hearts go out to the Thornton family and all who were affected by this horrific act of violence.”

The community is mourning his life. A makeshift memorial complete with stuffed animals, flowers, candles, and balloons remains outside the cookie shop.

The police are still working to identify, charge and arrest the men that killed him.