Young Dolph Murder Suspect Fears For His Life, Begs Judge For Help

Young Dolph

One of the three suspects accused of shooting and killing Young Dolph is now in fear of his own life. Read more!

One of the men accused of murdering Young Dolph fears for his own life and is asking a judge to do something about it.

Justin Johnson, AKA Straight Drop, is one of four men charged with Dolph’s brutal murder. 

Johnson faces first-degree murder and attempted murder for the daylight killing of Young Dolph and trying to kill his brother, who was with the PRE boss on that fatal day on November 17th, 2021

Young Dolph was shot over 22 times inside local cookie shop Makeda’s Butter Cookies. He died on the scene at age 36.

US Marshals eventually apprehended Johnson after he spent a week on the lam in Indiana.

During a court appearance yesterday (November 4th), Justin Johnson asked to be transferred from a pretrial detention facility to another correctional facility in East Memphis.

According to Johnson’s lawyer, the amateur rapper is worried someone will severely harm him in the prison where he is currently housed.

News 3 reports that Johnson’s attorney Luke Evans said ongoing security and safety concerns were putting his client’s life at risk.

Johnson was already beaten up once inside the prison. He was using the telephone when another inmate assaulted him.

If the request is granted, Justin Johnson will be on lockdown for 23.5 hours daily at the new facility.

Cornelius Smith, 23, is also facing murder and attempted murder charges. US Marshals caught him in January of 2022 after fleeing to Mississippi.

A third suspect, Shundale Barnett, is accused of helping Johnson flee to Indiana. He is back in custody in Indiana after he was mistakenly released. 

Another suspect, Devin Burns, was arrested in February. Burns faces four counts of aggravated assault in one count of property theft related to the murder.

The trial for all four men is slated to occur sometime in early 2023.

According to Chief prosecutor Paul Hagerman, the case has been delayed due to the extensive amount of evidence, which consists of videos, audio recordings, and statements.