Young Dolph Says Yo Gotti Should Apologize Or Stay Out Of His Way


(AllHipHop News) It looks like two of Memphis’s biggest rappers’ feud will continue for the foreseeable future.

Last week, the beef between Yo Gotti and Young Dolph escalated a notch when Dolph dropped his single “Play Wit Yo B##ch” which is a direct diss to the CMG boss.

Yo Gotti and Dolph have been at odds for sometime now, reportedly over Dolph’s refusal to sign with CMG Records.

In a recent interview with DJ Holiday, Young Dolph said to he released the diss record, but only after Yo Gotti kept taking subliminal shots at him on his mixtapes.

“His last two mix tapes, he trying to sneak diss Dolph,” the rapper said. “It’s like you playing. You want to play? I ain’t finna to play how you want to play, we play how I want to play. I’m finna to get ready to go and expose you and let the facts be out here. Facts on top of facts. And that’s why he don’t even know how to respond. Because there ain’t no responding. What you gonna say? The whole city knows the truth.”

Although a collaboration between two of Memphis’ best rappers would be epic, it doesn’t look like it is gonna happen according to Young Dolph.

DJ Holiday noted that hip-hop community is a small world, especially when it comes to performing on the event circuit.

With events like NBA’s All-Star Weekend, CIAA and other major events coming up, both rappers are sure to be booked in the same city at some point.

Young Dolph said there was one way to reconciliation.

“I’m gonna tell you what’s gonna turn this whole thing. If he apologizes,” the rapper said.

Otherwise, Young Dolph he warned Yo Gotti to “stay out of his way” after using other choice language to describe Yo Gotti and the CMG crew.

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