Young Dolph’s Alleged Killer Loses Phone Privileges Over Song Released From Jail

Young Dolph

Justin Johnson, one of the men accused of murdering Young Dolph, recorded a song titled “No Statements” over the phone in jail.

A judge revoked Justin “Straight Drop” Johnson’s phone privileges after the man accused of killing Young Dolph released music from behind bars.

According to multiple reports, Judge Lee Coffee took issue with Johnson recording a song titled “No Statements” during a jailhouse phone call. The track was released via YouTube on November 10.

Judge Coffee also placed restrictions on Johnson’s visitations. The Young Dolph murder suspect can only meet with lawyers.

Prosecutors say Johnson and Cornelius Smith were the gunmen who killed Young Dolph in November 2021. The two were charged with first-degree murder, criminal attempted first-degree murder, unlawful carrying and possession of a firearm, employment of a firearm with intent to commit a felony, and theft of property.

Earlier this month, police arrested Hernandez Govan in connection to Young Dolph’s murder. Govan was accused of orchestrating the plot to kill the late rapper.

Govan was charged with first-degree murder, attempted first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit first-degree murder. Johnson and Smith each received an additional charge of conspiracy to commit first-degree murder following Govan’s arrest.

Last week, a fourth man named Jermarcus Johnson surrendered to authorities for his role in Young Dolph’s murder. The 25-year-old suspect was charged with conspiracy to commit first-degree murder.