Young Gattas Returns to Gates of the Garden to Tangle with Lady Caution

As female battle rap takes the center stage, one of today’s brightest stars and one pioneer put on a show for The Gates of the Garden card, “Open the Gates 4”

Gates of the Garden has emerged as one of the premier mid-size battle rap leagues in the world. It produces premiere talent, most notably the Loud Boys who have no problem going over to URL and snatching up every trophy/victory they have to offer (Holmzie da God, Bill Collector, and Prep are examples of this platforms brimming-over talent).

All eyes have been on them as Dre Dennis and C Low have curated a roster of gifted emcees and a reputation for good business — even amidst the tragic loss of LB da Boss and with their most recent card, Open the Gates 4, they have pushed forward to create a show that is making waves throughout the industry.

Leading the charge was the return battle of Young Gattas and Lady Caution.

A one-rounder was just enough to remind us that Young Gattas ain’t nothing to play with. Forget the six years in the wind, she came back with bar flips and the sheer lyricism that she has been always been known for. What was missing is the raw cockiness that she always wore like a Jesus piece. Perhaps the reason is that she doesn’t need to beat her chest and convince crowds that she deserves their respect. One highlight of her round was her European flip, her play on words, and the swipe at an earlier LC battle. But there were other bars that were just top tier level of dynamics…

The energy in battle rap is different… people are no longer doubting that women can hang with the guys. 

Also, the bias that used to follow AG femcees is not as flagrant, allowing you to focus on the complicated verse construction and not how “like a dude” Gattas might appear when she raps. Beasting with an overload of talent… she got folk about to fight on Twitter over her return.


Her talent is what has brought her back and made her formidable against the gatekeeper, Lady Caution.

Dressed as Cruella Deville, Lady Caution is the perfect reflection of her gun bar king boyfriend but by no means is she his replica. Her elite pen is her own voice … or in this case her own weapon. She blasted at the idol (who some have said could be on the female Mt. Rushmore) with every intention to re-introduce her to the sport trying to wound her by words.

But she did not stop at shooting at Young Gattas, in her one-rounder. Then she blasted at other females in the culture like Bonnie (who stole her Harley Quinn costume from the Nemisis battle for her KOTD Grand Prix contest vs. Showoff), O’fficial, and Ms. Fit. Punch after punch, the tiny lyricist danced through her round making this a classic.

Judge for yourself who you believe won — if you can.