Young Guru Helps Introduce 8i’s Breakthrough 3D Video Medium (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) As more of the world is transferred into the digital realm, video technology continues to become an integral part of our lives. Start-up company 8i has now launched its breakthrough 3D Video Alpha digital medium, and legendary audio engineer Young Guru (Jay Z, Cam’ron) is helping to introduce the new personal three-dimensional experience.

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“You have to keep inventing, and you have to keep showing people why you’re here,” says Guru in an 8i promotional video. “It’s about who’s gonna rock the spot tonight.”

8i 3D Video is different from ordinary video where the viewer’s perspective is fixed. It transforms standard video recordings into visceral experiences which allows individuals to move freely around performances. Creators have the ability to democratize VR content by simply using a set of 2 or more cameras.

3D Video is not a simulation. It’s based on digital video input not CG modeling. Users experience meeting and interacting with real people in digital space.

8i lets you view 3D Video content on iPhones, tablets and other mobile devices. The company is providing people the opportunity to get a sense of the technology at Or download 8i VR and move around in virtual reality on Oculus Rift.

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Watch 8i’s “Introducing 3D Video” featuring Young Guru below.