Young Jeezy Finds Big Victory In Court

Kinky B Said Finish Your Meal…

Young Jeezy went into the Halloween weekend a happy camper, as he won a major victory over a friend that was looking for $5 million.

Detetrius “Kinky B” Ellerbee said he and Jeezy were best friends and business partners, entitling him to half of Jeezy’s earnings. He pleaded his case stating they formed two record labels and several mixtapes.

Ellerbee stated in court that he was swindled out of royalties and other monies derived from Jeezy’s career. He also said they were close friends since 1995.

The court agreed with Jeezy’s account of their relationship.

A judgement was rendered in Jeezy’s favor. The Georgia legend said that he and Kinky B were not business partners at all and did not have any companies jointly. Jeezy even said they were not friends, even though it is common knowledge that he and Kinky B were close at one point.