Young M.A. Weighs In On Game and Meek Beef; LGBT Website Slams Both Rappers


(AllHipHop News) Young M.A. may have the hottest record of the year with her hit single “OOOUUU,” but at the moment, it’s how rappers Game and Meek Mill are using the instrumental that is turning heads.

The Brooklyn bred emcee offered up her opinion on the escalating beef between Game and Meek Mill, over allegations that Game’s crew robbed R&B singer Sean Kingston for $300,000 worth of jewels in June.

Game claims that Meek and his people snitched to police, something Sean Kingston, his lawyer, Meek and even the LAPD have denied.

Still, Meek dropped a scathing diss towards Game over Young M.A.’s#### “”OOOUUU,” while Game just replied in kind with a nasty record for Meek, Sean Kingston and Beanie Sigel too on a remix called “Pest Control.”

“Y’all worried about some petty ass rap beef meanwhile we out here droppin like flies,” Young M.A. posted on her Instagram page today (September 20). “It’s f##ked up how the media and blogs puts so much effort and energy into ‘Rap beef’ and ‘drama’ but not focus on what’s really going on! You could hear about 2 rappers going at it for days.. Weeks.. Months… But you’ll stop hearing about an unarmed black man that just got killed by police in 3 days smh.. This world is f##k up!!”

While the openly gay rapper criticized the media and Hip-Hop fans for hyping up the beef, LGBT website The Advocate took up for the community and slammed Game and Meek for their gay bashing during the feud.

Meek’s diss is laced with gay slurs, while Game has been making fun of Meek on social media, with insults that are offensive to the LGBT community.

“Whether this beef between the two is being led by toxic masculinity, homophobia, a need for attention, or a combination of them all, the disses between the two rappers are laden with overt and covert antigay sentiments and slurs, instead of actually focusing on, you know, music.” wrote The Advocate’s Orie Givens.

Givens’ take is that the back-and-forth between the rappers is bad for the LGBT community.

“As the mess between these two rappers plays out on Instagram, the ones who are most negatively affected by it are LGBT hip-hop fans,” Orie Givens said.