Slime Life Shawty And Lil Duke Free After Plea Deals In YSL RICO Charges

Young Thug

Two additional members of YSL, Lil Duke and Slimelife Shawty, were released from jail after accepting plea deals earlier this week.

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Gunna got his walking papers after affirming that Young Slime Life was a gang and accepting a plea deal, and now two additional members of YSL, Lil Duke and Slimelife Shawty, were released from jail.

However, Slimelife Shawty, the artist whose real name is Wunnie Lee, said he didn’t “snitch” to get out. 

He took to social media to tell his 436,000 fans on Instagram to clear up any misconceptions that might arise now that he is a free man.

“Yea I’m home, ain have to snitch to get here d***head. I admitted you slime life was a gang c## it ain’t illegal for no group to be a gang look it up that don’t hurt nobody anybody can be a gang, plus the founder already admitted it stupid,” Slimelife said on his IG Story.

He added, “What I pose to say if a founder admitted it. What I den do was say Yes it’s a fact people in YSL commit crimes like murder and ect c## ion no nun bout that.”

Joe Coscarelli, a writer for the New York Times, took to social media, to explain that Lil Duke also accepted a plea deal, signing it a year and a half ago while he had a #1 song on Billboard.

“Like Gunna, Slimelife Shawty faced just one count: conspiracy to violate RICO,” he tweeted. “Lil Duke of YSL also took a plea deal today a year and a half ago, these guys were on a Billboard No. 1 album.”

According to the tweet, he is one of the few of YSL artists not to get indicted for the RICO case. Who else will be coming out?