Young Thug Believes Kanye ‘Could Survive In The Trenches’

Young Thug

The “Punk” rapper also says that Yeezy trusts him enough to no direct him in the studio.

Young Thug doesn’t have a problem vouching for Kanye West’s gangster. The Atlanta rapper, who is preparing to drop his latest album Punk, shares with the world one of the most well-kept secrets in Hip-Hop … Ye’ “could survive in the trenches.”

In an interview, he shared that the uber-rich rapper might seem soft, but don’t get it twisted.

Thug said, “What n####s don’t know about Kanye West is he’s a real n###a. He’s a billionaire, and all that s### is cool, but in real life, he could survive in the trenches. If he go to the trenches, the jungle, he could survive.”

But even with Yeezy having jungle surviving skills, Thug let it be known that he didn’t get to where he is in life by following the rules.

When he mentioned that he really wanted to be on West’s last album, Donda, but could not be told to during the creative process.

 “You can’t give me instructions, and I am saying that humbly. I understand music. I understand life. I understand everything,” the “Go Crazy“ rapper stated.  “I understand that this car is bigger than the car in front of us. I understand that a motorcycle could never beat this car. I understand the way the universe works, so you don’t have to talk to me about certain s###.”

He continued, “I feel like n####s like Kanye West, and Jay-Z, and f###### Quincy Jones, and James Brown, and if Michael Jackson and Prince were here… Them n####s understand that about me. They trust me.”

Kanye and Young Thug have a song called “Remote Control” on the Donda album.