Young Thug Case: Deputy Arrested For Smuggling For YSL Co-Defendant In Jail

Young Thug

A Fulton County deputy faces multiple charges for trying to smuggle items for a defendant in Young Thug’s RICO case.

Authorities claimed a Fulton County deputy conspired to smuggle contraband for Christian Eppinger, one of Young Thug’s co-defendants in the YSL RICO case.

According to WSB-TV, deputy Akeiba Stanley was arrested for trying to bring contraband to Eppinger in jail. She was charged with violation of oath of office, reckless conduct, conspiracy to commit a felony and hindering apprehension or punishment of a criminal on Friday (June 2).

Authorities said Stanley attempted to sneak items from Eppinger’s relative into jail. Young Thug’s co-defendant allegedly used an illegal cellphone to communicate with Stanley.

Stanley was accused of visiting Eppinger in his jail cell. The two also plotted their smuggling efforts on Instagram.

Earlier this week, Fulton County deputies seized the laptop of Eppinger’s lawyer Eric Johnson. A warrant said Johnson used the laptop to communicate with YSL members who aren’t in custody.

Young Thug, Eppinger and their co-defendants await trial in the YSL RICO case. A jury still hasn’t been seated in the slow-moving selection process.

Jury selection began in January. The process could last through the summer.

Young Thug was one of 28 defendants named in the original RICO indictment against YSL members. He is one of nine remaining defendants facing trial in the highly-publicized case.