Young Thug Offers An Explanation For Saying Jay-Z Doesn’t Have 30 Stadium Anthems

Young Thug

It looks like the “Go Crazy” performer was catching some heat for his words about Hov.

There was considerable confusion and irritation online after Young Thug suggested that Jay-Z does not have as many “stadium anthems” in his catalog as Thugger. While many of his fans backed him, Thug was mostly hit with eye-rolling and fact-checking.

“When I perform I got 30, 40 songs that the whole stadium gonna know,” declared Young Thug on the Million Dollaz Worth Of Game podcast. “Jay-Z ain’t got 30 songs like that where the whole stadium finna sing.”

Almost immediately after giving that take, Thug began walking back his statement. MDWOG host Gillie Da King responded by telling Thug that Jay has “a lot” of hit records. Thugger then said, “I know he do. He probably got 50 of them b######. I’m not literally saying him. I’m just saying n##### who you think is the man.”

Overnight, the Atlanta rhymer took to his Instagram Story to offer an explanation for claiming the artist who has 100 career Hot 100 chart entries and who became the first rapper inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame did not have 30 recognizable songs. Thug did not specifically clear up his point but he did somewhat admit he may have misspoken.

“Don’t have Jay-Z on me cause of this internet s###, I was talking [too] fast but y’all know what I meant,” wrote Young Thug on IG. His commentary about the billionaire Brooklynite went viral not long after Thug received backlash for suggesting semi-retired Hip Hop legend André 3000 was arrogant because the OutKast member apparently did not directly reach out to collaborate with him.