Young Thug RICO Case: Judge Rejects Mistrial Request But Investigates Interrogation Leak

Young Thug

An attorney for one of Young Thug’s co-defendants sought a mistrial in the YSL RICO case after an interrogation video leaked online.

Young Thug’s RICO trial will proceed despite the leak of an interrogation video in the case.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Judge Ural Glanville denied defense attorney Gina Bernard’s motion for a mistrial on Wednesday (March 1). Bernard represents Jayden Myrick, one of Young Thug’s co-defendants in the YSL RICO case.

Bernard argued for a mistrial after footage of Kenneth Copeland a.k.a. YSL Woody’s interrogation surfaced online in February. Prosecutors blamed the defense for the leak and raised concerns about the safety of their witnesses.

Judge Glanville urged both sides to be more careful while rejecting the bid for a mistrial. He ordered an investigation into the leak while jury selection continues for Young Thug’s trial.

“It affects everyone’s right to a fair trial,” the judge said. “I don’t know who did this but if this pertains to you, please amend your ways. You’re playing a very dangerous game with your six-digit bar number.”

Young Thug and 13 co-defendants await trial in the YSL RICO case. Jury selection, which began in January, is expected to last several months.

The court plans to call 1,200 potential jurors, per documents obtained by AllHipHop. New groups of prospective jurors are scheduled to appear on March 17, April 28 and May 19.