Young Thug’s Brother Unfoonk Wants Wiretapped Conversations Thrown Out Of Court In RICO Case


Unfoonk is one of the many people charged in the YSL RICO case. But the rapper says some key evidence against him was obtained illegally!

Young Thug’s brother Unfoonk is desperately trying to regain his freedom after getting caught up in the massive RICO case against the Young Slime Life gang in Atlanta.

Unfoonk is one of 27 people indicted for Conspiracy to Violate the Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organization Act. Other YSL rappers charged include Thugger, Gunna, Lil Duke, Yak Gotti, and Slimelife Shawty.

Unfoonk wants Judge Uriel Glanville to suppress the state’s key evidence against him. At issue is a conversation an unidentified individual had with the rapper while the phone was being tapped.

Investigators honed in on two conversations, on April 3rd and April 14th, which Unfoonk maintains had nothing to do with him.

“Without conceding the fact, and based purely on the State’s allegation(s) thus far, as a party to an intercepted wire, oral, and/or electronic communication, [Unfoonk] had an expectation of privacy in the intercepted communication(s) and has standing to challenge the legality of the intercepted communication(s),” Unfoonk’s lawyer Michael E. Russ, Jr. explained.

Unfoonk asked Judge Uriel Glanville for a hearing and wants all of the evidence related to or arising from the intercepted communication(s) thrown out of court.

Judge Glanville granted Unfoonk a hearing in the matter, which is slated for November. In addition to the RICO charge, Unfoonk is also charged with Theft by Receiving Stolen Property.

Unfoonk, born Quantavious Grier, is best known for his song “Mob Ties (Remix) featuring Young Thug, Future and YTB Trench.

Unfoonk was initially hit with a life sentence after he was convicted of felony murder for his role in the shooting death of a man named James Yarborough in 2007.

The rapper was released after his conviction was overturned by a judge who ruled that a man who testified against Unfoonk during his trial was actually an accomplice to the murder.

He signed with YSL shortly after his release from prison. In a previous interview with AllHipHop, Unfoonk explained how making music helped his mental health.

“I get to rap about what’s going on in front of me, I get to say what I want to say. I can walk down and see somebody doing something, it might touch me the wrong way. ‘Okay, I’m finna go rap about this.’ Music helps me express myself a little better than people can understand me, so I express myself.”