Young Thug Update: Potential Juror Tried To Contact Rapper’s Lawyer

Young Thug - ysl

Young Thug and his YSL co-defendants are still waiting for a jury to be selected for their RICO trial in Georgia.

Jury selection continued in the Young Thug RICO case on Tuesday (January 10).

Young Thug’s attorney Brian Steel informed the court about a potential juror trying to communicate with the lawyer. Steel did not respond to the prospective juror.

“Mr. Steel, we are in receipt of your email that you forwarded to all the other participants in this case,” Judge Ural Glanville said. “I was able to get a copy of it. I’ll just mark it as the next court exhibit. It references a particular person or juror that has attempted to contact your law firm … You did not respond to the juror and instead reported this to us.”

According to Law & Crime’s Cathy Russon, Judge Glanville asked court personnel to investigate the prosecutive juror’s attempt to touch base with Steel. Glanville addressed the issue on the fifth day of jury selection for Young Thug’s RICO trial.

A few potential jurors did not return to court for the second week of jury selection despite being required to do so. Judge Glanville ordered one woman to be brought back from the airport when she returned from a trip to the Dominican Republic.

Young Thug is one of 14 co-defendants awaiting trial on RICO charges. Prosecutors claim YSL is a criminal street gang responsible for murders, shootings and other alleged crimes.

A grand jury originally indicted 28 members of YSL. Eight men — including Gunna and Young Thug’s brother Unfoonk — accepted plea deals in the RICO case. Several others will face trial at a later date.