Young Thug’s Lawyer Gets Threatened With Jail Time By Trial Judge

Young Thug - ysl

Mr. Johnson snapped at the judge but was quickly placed back into his place.

Tensions were running high in the Superior Fulton County court where rapper Young Thug is currently fighting a monumental RICO charge.

He and his other co-defendants might not be the only ones behind bars. According to a tweet by Law & Crime, the judge overseeing the trial has threatened to send his lawyer to “20 days in jail if he doesn’t complete the 17-page essay he was assigned after being held in contempt of court. “

The paper that the lawyer, Mr. Johnson, has to write is on “The Importance of Professionalism in the Legal Field and  Treating One’s Opponents with Civility.”

Judge Ural Glanville asked about the status of the paper, clearly instructing the lawyer not to have his assistant write it. Thug’s lawyer said, “I haven’t started.”

Johnson then asked about paying a “$250 fine,” but the judge gave it back to him saying “That wasn’t offered to you.”

Glanville said, “You already asked me, ‘could I pay the $1000’ and I told you, ‘no.’”

The paper has to be done on April 28th at noon and must be a scholarly work that could be published in a legal review. The judge asked for 10 primary and 10 secondary sources.

When the lawyer says he has never been published, stating how hard it would be for him to complete the assignment, the judge didn’t care.

If the paper isn’t in, Thug’s lawyer might be sharing a bunk.