YP Hoodrich Organizing Boxing Matches Amongst Gang Members; Cops Disapprove


(AllHipHop News) Could the concept of rival gang members duking it out instead of shooting each other help deescalate violence in various communities around the country?

It seems Memphis rapper, YP Hoodrich is inspired by the Chris Brown/Soulja Boy beef, and the fact that the two men are supposed to square off to settle their differences in the ring, as opposed to using other, more violent means to settle the score.

According to Fox 13 in Memphis, YP Hoodrich has organized a series of boxing matches with men the police have labeled rival gangs.

YP Hoodrich, who says he’s affiliated with the Extendo Gang, told Fox that boxing is a great solution for the gangsters to settle their differences like “gentlemen.”

“It’s a gentleman’s game. You lose some, you win some. If you lose today, you’re still going to be brothers. We’re going to love each other. It’s just a friendly hand thing,” YP Hoodrich said.

Local officials took a different view on the matter, according to Memphis Chief Communications Officer Ursula Madden.

“Neither the Memphis Police Department, nor the City of Memphis has sanctioned our parks to be used as a staging area for rival gangs to fight,” Madden told Fox 13 in an email.

She suggested that the men take their boxing matches to the Memphis Police Boxing Gym, as an alternative to conducting the brawls in public spaces.

According to reports, the boxing match that was staged yesterday (January 25), drew over 110,000 people on Facebook live.