Yung Bleu Admits Flying Out Woman, Denies Sleeping With Her Because Of Her Hygiene

Yung Bleu

The ‘Love Scars II’ album creator pulls off a post-and-delete.

Alabama native Yung Bleu became the center of online attention in recent days after drama in his personal life became public.

The ordeal surrounding Yung Bleu’s relationship apparently began making the rounds on social media after a TikToker claimed the rapper flew her out to meet him.

A TikTok user named Tenom shared a video claiming she spent time with a “weirdo-ass celebrity.” She then exposed Yung Bleu as the person who allegedly slid into her DMs and flew her to New York.

Then Yung Bleu’s wife, Tiemeria, reportedly posted that she kicked her husband out of the house. In addition, Tiemeria is quoted saying, “I need the best divorce lawyer in Georgia.”

Yung Bleu has addressed the accusations of cheating on his spouse with Tenom. The “Beautiful Lies” performer went on the X platform to respond to the trendy gossip.

“I let [you] be a tag along [for] the day true. But [you] went back home in [an] Uber with hunger pains cuz you was loud and hygiene wasn’t up to my standards,” wrote Blue in a now-deleted tweet.

The 29-year-old Love Scars II album creator also added, “Had a lil smell that engulfed the plane. Nails dirty, shoes 2 sizes [too] big with a lil dust on em.”

“So yea. [You] was a link-up that turned to a sidekick that day cuz I was being respectful and ain’t wanna send you back and hurt ya feelings. Ain’t get no dick or no vibes tho. Hope [you] enjoyed ya stay tho lil mama,” Yung Bleu concluded.

The Love Scars II studio LP by Yung Bleu dropped on April 14, 2023. Last year saw Bleu team up with Hip Hop superstar Nicki Minaj for the “Love in the Way” duet. He also worked with Drake on 2020’s “You’re Mines Still” collaboration.