Yung Mal, Protege Of Gucci Mane, Charged In Murder

Yung Mal

Yung Mal and five of his associates are behind bars, accused of shooting and killing a man during a dispute before one of his shows!

Yung Mal, an up-and-coming East Atlanta rapper, was arrested on a murder charge yesterday (July 12) and the cops have also snatched up five of his homies.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the six suspects range from 19 to 46 years of age.

Yung Mal, who is closely associated with Gucci Mane, is signed to Alamo Records/Sony Music Entertainment.

He claims that he had nothing to do with this alleged shooting.

Stating that during the night of the gunplay, he and his squad were booked to perform in Mississippi at the Echo Stage Soul Kitchen & Lounge.

The owner of the club did confirm the performance but could not provide a time period to support his alibi.

He did say that the performance started around 12:30 AM.

The shooting happened four hours earlier DeKalb County at a Chevron gas station, on the corner of Candler and Kelly Lake roads.

The man shot was in his 40s and died after being taken to the hospital.

DeKalb County Police spokesperson Michaela Vincent believes that he can fill in the holes of the various stories, which allowed him to identify Yung Mal and his five-member entourage as suspects.

He believes that the rapper and the older man were arguing before the shooting, that took his life, transpired.

The names of all six men arrested are as follows: De’Vonti King (19), Darreun Dodson (20), Jamal Braud (25), Bryan Jones (26), Deavin Baker (31), and Thavian Ford (46) are currently all in custody.