Yung Miami Drags Gina Huynh For Trolling Her Over Diddy’s New Baby 

Diddy, Gina Huynh, Yung Miami

Yung Miami and Gina Huynh went back and forth on social media after the model mocked Caresha amid the arrival of Diddy’s new baby.

After a day or two of defending her relationship with Diddy online amid news of his newborn child, Yung Miami is back at it after former rival Gina Huynh trolled her following her spat with the City Girl over the Bad Boy icon earlier this year.  

On Tuesday evening (Dec. 13), Gina took to Instagram with a video mocking Yung Miami for fighting over Diddy.  

“When she beefin with you over a [ninja emoji] but whole time he got somebody else pregnant,” she captioned the video. “City Girls down 1000 🫠” 

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Meanwhile, Young Miami caught wind of the shade and took to Twitter to clap back. 

“Gina you been down bad ever since I came into the picture hoe!” she penned. “You been crying for a baby for 10 yrs hoes you been around as a b#### that eat p#### and dick when he feel like it YOU A EATER!! you the same b#### that was crying on Tasha k cause you wanted a baby poor sushi!!!!” 

According to Caresha, Diddy ditched Gina after the Billboard Awards in May, where they were spotted together.  

“You want a baby b#### I have Career hoe You a CERTIFIED FREAK!!! You haven’t heard from diddy since the awards reminiscing on abortions let that hurt go Chun-Li,” she added. 

Gina then replied via her Instagram Stories, suggesting Yung Miami wants a piece of her. “Caresha you know you wanna taste this yum yum sauce,” she wrote on a photo of her provocatively sticking her tongue out.  

However, the back and forth continued with Yung Miami responding in another tweet: “If I wanted you to eat my p#### diddy would’ve had you on your knees hoe!!! You a eater!!!!!!!B#### you a munch!!!” she added.  

Yung Miami Says “Play With Diddy Not Me”

Furthermore, Yung Miami is ready to commit violence over the Diddy beef, saying she would beat Gina’s ass.  

“Y’all hoes play with diddy & not me!” she said before adding, “Fr I’m on one I’m with whatever whenever at any giving time!!!!” 

Check out their back and forth below.