Zaytoven Discusses Whether White Artists Are Becoming The Face Of Black Music (VIDEO)


(AllHipHop News) “While silly n-ggas argue over who’s gonna snatch the crown. Look around, my n-gga, white people have snatched the sound,” rapped J. Cole on “Fire Squad.”

That sentiment expressed by Cole has been an ongoing conversation in Hip Hop for years. Atlanta-based producer Zaytoven was asked if white artists – such as Adele, Iggy Azalea, Macklemore, and Sam Smith – are becoming the face of black music.

“I definitely feel like our music is the biggest influence on the music that’s coming out right now. So, yeah in a way,” Zay told DJ Smallz. “I feel like they kind of take what we do and do their thing to it and it becomes bigger.”

The man behind the hits “Versace” by Migos and “Real Sisters” by Future went on to say that he does not really pay much attention to the issue. He also stated “biting” is just the nature of the music business.

Watch Zaytoven’s interview below.