Zaytoven Talks Gucci Mane and V-Nasty's Mixtape; Working with Nicki Minaj


(AllHipHop News) Atlanta, Georgia based producer Zaytoven recently spoke with about his recent work on Gucci Mane and V-Nasty’s mixtape, BAYTL, as well as his upcoming work with Nicki Minaj.

The producer, who cut his teeth with JT the Bigga Figga in the Bay Area, said that he enjoyed working with V-Nasty.

“Well I really saw that as a great opportunity for me, cause I kinda got big in Atlanta, but I started doing my music in the Bay,” Zaytoven told

“Gucci called me and was like, man we gonna do a project with V-Nasty and I hadn’t even heard of her, but he [Gucci Mane] was like ‘I might be one of their biggest fans,'” Zaytoven explained.

Zaytoven said the controversial Bay Area femcee reminded him of Gucci Mane.

“She remind me so much of Gucci Mane, I really rock with V-Nasty, I like how she get down, I like how she come across, I like her style, I like the controversy that she brings.”

Zaytoven also commented V-Nasty and collaborator Kreayshawn ‘s use of the N-word, which has drawn fierce criticism in rap circles.

“As far as the N-word, I don’t think that people realize that California is such a different world,” Zay said of V-Nasty. “Its not used for a certain race, its just a common word that everyone uses. Not for no disrespect or nothing like that. I understood what was going on…but I’m pretty sure she didn’t know it was going to be such a big deal.”

In other news, Zaytoven has been putting in work with YMCMB’s first lady, Nicki Minaj. The two have developed a chemistry according to Zay.

“I was working with Nicki from a long time ago, before she got super big, so its always good to work with people before they got super big,” Zaytoven told about his work with Nicki.

“Right now with Nicki, you know Nicki got a lot of character, so they really want to use that to her advantage and stuff that I do with Nicki is a little different…Its a little more weird or a little more funky, I guess you can say, not the typical Zaytoven sound.”

[Editors note: This interview was conducted days before the shooting death of Slim Dunkin, who was killed during a video shoot for Gucci and V-Nasty ‘s album BAYTL.]