What Kanye West’s Run For President Really Means.

Kanye West is supposedly running for president, but Donald Trump isn’t worried.

(AllHipHop Opinion) Kanye West is running for president. Now, I hope you’re not falling for this nonsense because the fix is in. Kanye West wasn’t originally supposed to run for president until the year 2024, but we kind of get an understanding of what is going on right now in 2020.

But before I continue, let’s just talk about the very basics of this situation. Donald Trump is languishing in the pool suggest that he is going to lose in the fall when the elections come. He has been highly ineffective in dealing with the pandemic, the racial and systemic issues that we have faced since the various uprisings have started, and has just been Donald Trump for four years. He has also exemplified incompetence the whole time even though he has not lost his base as much as I would have thought.

Kanye West is stepping in at a time when most people are completely galvanized to combat and vote out Donald Trump in the fall election. If you aren’t, you never were. Now, what does Kanye West bring to the table? Not very much. The man is mentally unstable, a false religious leader, and generally the puppet of the Kardashian clan which is led by Kris Jenner. But, what he is able to do is draw a lot of dummies into supporting and voting for him in the fall. We have seen that in general when Kanye West puts out a new pair of sneakers or some trash, fake, misleading-the-sheep Christian-Satanic music. The man has been a fraud for quite some time. And when I say fraud I mean mentally unstable and a puppet of a masterful puppeteer.

But he is simply here to split the vote and draw people away from Joe Biden. Biden may be imperfect, but he’s the best bet. It is just that simple. We know that Kanye West wouldn’t dare cross his dragon blood brother Donald Trump and run for president against him. What really remains to be seen is has Kanye filed paperwork to run for president in the fall. Has he done anything whatsoever politically in his entire life? I mean literally, has the man done anything that did not directly benefit him? I believe Kanye West is simply here to be a Trojan horse of sorts that will lead Donald Trump directly back into power. And if Kanye is lucky he will sell some more trashbag Gap clothing and market himself to a nation of idiots that subscribe to his self-centered narcissistic mentally inept ways.

I am simply here with a big bag of popcorn soaking in it all in because really, this isn’t going to affect my life. It is, but Namaste right here for the show.

Let the games begin.