Social Media Is The Best Way Artists Can Find New Fans, According To Iman Bashir

Iman Bashir is out there doing God’s work helping artists get their music directly to the fans.

Social media has made it possible for people from all corners of the globe to interact. Musicians have benefitted from this substantially, making it possible to connect with fans and find new ones. Iman Bashir is an entrepreneur and musician, and she knows firsthand how much the internet can help a musician.

First, social media makes it easier for bands and solo artists to find potential listeners. Their music is no longer the only thing they create when they take their brand online. On Twitter, they might simply make tweets about their upcoming releases. However, other platforms like YouTube or TikTok can allow musicians to produce exclusive content for their fans. For example, an artist could make a cover of a popular song, create a sound to go viral on TikTok, or make videos that will appeal to the same type of people who would listen to their music. If people like an artist’s videos, they are more likely to follow them on the platform. This will grow their base, and they’ll be exposed to any new music the artist puts out. “I love finding people to engage with on social media,” said Iman Bashir. “I’m passionate about working with women, so I include this content online. I’ve found a lot of female fans this way.”

The invention of social media has made it easier for fans to connect with brands directly. In the past, it wasn’t easy to get into contact with your favorite celebrity or musician. Now, you can simply comment on their Instagram post or TikTok video. “I want to hear from my fans as often as they want to hear from me!” said Iman Bashir. “Comments make me so happy and give me the drive to keep going.” Songwriters can get feedback from their audience in real-time to figure out what to put out next. 

If you’re looking to become a singer or songwriter, Iman Bashir recommends starting on social media ASAP. You never know when some of your music could go viral!